Tuesday, August 29, 2006

the tatoo too

i was driving home from wisconsin recently and illinois is all about these toll booths on the interstate i take. i get to one and i realize that i don't have enough coin to pay the man. so i say "can i give you a card?" and he looks at me with the most offensive grimace and says: "you... make... me... sick" then just turned around. so, aaalright, guess that means no. fair enough. so now i have to mail the state of illinois 80 cents.

on a lighter note, one of my favorite lyrics ever is in tom petty's "into the great wide open"...

eddie waited 'til he finished high school.
he went to hollywood, got a tatoo.
he met a girl out there with the tatoo too.
the future was wide open.

the tatoo too? are you shitting me? genius.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

fritter my ass

starbucks sells these things they call "apple fritters" and i eat them up. i only have one beef...

k, look. a fritter is something small. we're talking the diameter of a golf ball, tops. anything the diameter of a standard entree plate should not be granted fritter-dom.