Thursday, March 02, 2006

wild horses

Been a while. A lot has changed.

I made this recording of The Rolling Stones' Wild Horses on January 4th. I thought i would share it with you.

Today I was asked what i thought would make a perfect day, and well, i'd like to spend it with someone i loved, but i have yet to find this person. Lets say this...

A clear and sunny day in spring. Breakfast and coffee on the porch, while the sun shines and warms our bare feet.

Driving with the top down and the music loud.

Walking through a festival by the lake, little tents where photographers are selling their most beautiful work, landscapes, and those candid melancholy images of people.

A concert in the park. Reclining on a blanket in the grass, sometimes interrupted by a perfect breeze.


Anonymous Mom said...

I couldn't agree more, no amt of $ or exotic place could make days those days any better. A perfect moment? Two ex: 1)catching the look in the eyes of someone you love showing you love&appreciation,2)the sound & site of my children laughing esp when rolling back or on me. Both of these are sweet & raise the bar on living!

3/27/2006 11:41:00 AM  

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