Thursday, July 21, 2005

farf goes to uzbekistan

for kristy and katie

Farf was a humble lemur. Having studied accounting for several days at a local community college, he felt he was ready to apply for a job managing the finances of a condo association. After he landed the position, everything was approaching dandy when a gap emerged in his workplan and the daunting task of planning a vacation was upon him.

One new moon evening, after leaping home from work, Farf asked himself where he was most inclined to venture. At first he was hopelessly paused in deep pontification, but soon was elated for a destination occurred to him. Uzbekistan it was.

Farf rode a convenient meniscus accross the Pacific and, upon arriving at the Uzbekistani customs building, was delighted to learn that it was but a cod-piece's throw from a most prominent landmark. Not unlike the structure erected in his parent’s basement, its form was wide and bulbous but absent of pulp.

“Wow. I could go for some hummus,” said Farf.

An ocelot passing by overheard this spontaneous comment and replied.

“Greetings, sir. I imagine you could yield hummus by grinding chic peas.”

Farf scratched his tiny lemur scalp and said, "I am but a humble finance manager. I have not been formally trained in the art of chic pea grinding."

“Come to my home, sir, and we will delight in the many pleasures of Mediterranean appetizers.”

Silence ensued. Farf thought to himself, “Who says that ocelots and lemurs can’t be pals?” He then accepted the invitation.

After heartily indulging in hummus and varieties of sauce, Farf and his new ocelot friend Epididymis became very close, decided to become roommates, and lived happily ever after without the nuisance of a Starbucks being constructed in their living quarters.