Thursday, March 09, 2006

natives react to bretzels with shock and dismay

So, I went with friends to this new place for lunch today that i had never been to before. It is called Hannah's Bretzel. Kind of a trendy, german, organic, hippie kind of natural/whole foods, sandwich place. It was super good. On the side of their little to-go baggie (bagette? nah), they have this printed... "twisted and tasty since 1477".

Now, usually you see some year within the last century or maybe in the 1800s, but since when have you seen one that's 1477 ?!?!? That's F-ing OLD!!! That's like pre columbus-sailed-the-ocean-blue!!!

I bet columbus actually had a shipment of hanna's bretzels ON the santa maria and when the natives saw them, they ran screaming into the night because they had never seen twisted dough. You know, the history books are all about the whole "horses and guns" thing, but twisted dough... now that's a marvel.


Blogger Mike Larkin said...

1477?? Did they even have bread back then??

3/10/2006 09:49:00 AM  
Blogger mike said...

yeah, dude, they had bread in B.C... remember jesus?

3/12/2006 08:25:00 AM  
Blogger Greg Tidwell said...

oh seinfeld influenced humor

1/21/2007 06:27:00 PM  

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