Sunday, March 12, 2006

tangled up in love

Before Keith Urban went solo, he was in a band called The Ranch. They released an album of the same name that has a great song on it named "Tangled Up In Love".

This is my attempt at singing/playing said tune.

Be aware, this is a mediocre video and arguably also that kind of performance. (All forms of snickering/fun-poking are accepted... and I'll be here all week. Be sure to tip your waitress.)

Thursday, March 09, 2006

natives react to bretzels with shock and dismay

So, I went with friends to this new place for lunch today that i had never been to before. It is called Hannah's Bretzel. Kind of a trendy, german, organic, hippie kind of natural/whole foods, sandwich place. It was super good. On the side of their little to-go baggie (bagette? nah), they have this printed... "twisted and tasty since 1477".

Now, usually you see some year within the last century or maybe in the 1800s, but since when have you seen one that's 1477 ?!?!? That's F-ing OLD!!! That's like pre columbus-sailed-the-ocean-blue!!!

I bet columbus actually had a shipment of hanna's bretzels ON the santa maria and when the natives saw them, they ran screaming into the night because they had never seen twisted dough. You know, the history books are all about the whole "horses and guns" thing, but twisted dough... now that's a marvel.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

i sing the oatmeal electric

OK. You're flying in a plane which is about to crash into the infinant abyss that is the pacific ocean. As you prepare to dive from the aircraft in an effort to survive via parachute, the stewardess (that's right, i said it... well, i'm sorry, she's not a "uniformed flight member", she's an f-ing stewardess) is passing out one bag of cookies per passenger. You have a choice between oatmeal rasin and chocolate chip. You arrive at the hatch to jettison yourself and notice that your landing target is a small desert island. The stewardess presents two small bags to you and you must now choose...

If you answered chocolate chip, you are incorrect.

I've concluded, and please comment that i am on crack if you believe it to be so, that smart people enjoy, nay, respect oatmeal more than usual.

Oatmeal is not just a food... i think its a way of life.

UPDATE: I've been informed that more geniuses eat macadamia nut cookies than any other type of cookie. I'm not sure about the accuracy of this statistic. I suppose one could also argue that the combination of chocolate and peanut butter is "pure genius". Fortune cookies are also a favorite of minimalists and lovers of elegance such as myself. Alas, none of these tantilizing options are available in my scenario.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

wild horses

Been a while. A lot has changed.

I made this recording of The Rolling Stones' Wild Horses on January 4th. I thought i would share it with you.

Today I was asked what i thought would make a perfect day, and well, i'd like to spend it with someone i loved, but i have yet to find this person. Lets say this...

A clear and sunny day in spring. Breakfast and coffee on the porch, while the sun shines and warms our bare feet.

Driving with the top down and the music loud.

Walking through a festival by the lake, little tents where photographers are selling their most beautiful work, landscapes, and those candid melancholy images of people.

A concert in the park. Reclining on a blanket in the grass, sometimes interrupted by a perfect breeze.