Monday, September 18, 2006

old wax

friends are awesome. one such friend has bestowed upon me some of the coolest gifts i've ever been given, not to mention all at once.

i think the conversation went something like this...

friend: "i have pink floyd's dark side of the moon on vinyl. i should let you have it next time you come over."

*long pause*

me: "i don't think you understand what you are saying to me."

friend: "haha. i don't have a turntable. i don't know what to do with these records that my parents gave me."

me: "do you understand what you're giving me? you're giving me one of my favorite records of all time, on its original media, 30 years old... i just peed myself."

friend: "i know, that's why i want you to have it."

friend's boyfriend: "yeah."

me: "have i stumbled into an alternate dimension?"

so now i have a record collection, the beginning of one anyway. i recently added one of my favorite 70s albums, alan parsons project "eye in the sky" (in perfect condition), and the beatles "white album" (also in perfect condition, with all the original posters) and the records are WHITE! (pause for dramatic effect).

i will leave you with this. top 5 favorite albums of all time are as follows:
  • jeff buckley :: grace
  • pink floyd :: dark side of the moon
  • elton john :: tumbleweed connection
  • neil young :: live rust
  • fleetwood mac :: rumours
now, if we get into the top 10, there will be some from the 80s and 90s in there, maybe even one from this century.


Blogger Mike Larkin said...

my favorite line is:

me: "i don't think you understand what you are saying to me."

That is such a snapshot of the humor / personality you exhibit.

I feel like I'm watching a Seinfeld episode when I picture that situation.

10/04/2006 09:38:00 AM  

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