Friday, April 15, 2005

oh, you'll christmas

Below is a conversation that a friend and i had recently. It evolved into an homage to my father for his packing abilities...

Me: oh, grasshopper, maybe because you're not yet a father you are not yet skilled in the arts of packing... there are many degrees of packing and unpacking. my dad has a 3rd degree dragon belt in packing... he has only a black belt in unpacking... he usually said "screw it, you all do it" on the unpacking, which is understandable, that's the easy part, and by that time he'd have driven all day

Grasshopper: why does he fear the unpacking so?
Grasshopper: I sense a weakness in his actions

Me: well he is well versed in the arts of crimping, cramming, and advanced crumpling... i may be the son of the man responsible for some of the most spectacular packing jobs ever witnessed in the tennessee valley, maybe even the entire midwest


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