Monday, March 21, 2005

women literally a different species

Take a look at this article in Nature from last week.

A dude's 46th chromosome is the Y that only determines our sex. A woman's 46th is another X chromosome that does much more than determine sex. This yields increased gene expression and effectively traits that men will never exhibit. Well, with evolution, never say never. It just takes a long time from a human's perspective.

This reminds me of a time when I once told a woman that I had feelings for her. She immediately began to cry. Utter confusion gripped me. You know that feeling that you get when you flush the toilet and the water starts coming... up. It has to be one of the worst possible feelings that a human being can ever experience. You'll do anything to stop it. That is the type of immediate hysteria and ultimate helplessness that I was feeling. I would've done anything to stop those tears. I took the emotion I most commonly associated with the behavior I was witnessing and immediately attributed it to her. I thought it was sadness, but now I'm thinking it was something else.

For months I just stared at the floor and tried to get it. I didn't even remotely (and probably still don't) understand what was going on until just recently. It was despair. It was the result of finding one's self in a truly difficult situation. At least that's what I've concluded so far.

Maybe the tools with which I was born are simply incapable of determining the truth here. Maybe my powers of rationalization are rendered useless when faced with the infinitely vast spectrum of emotions conjured by the second X chromosome.

Maybe, for these cases, there are no plungers.


Anonymous mom said...

This guy is walking on the beach somewhere in California. He sees a
lamp, rubs it, and a Genie comes out. The genie is so happy that he decides to grant one wish to the lucky guy.

The guy thinks about it and says, "I'd like you to build a highway to Hawaii because I am afraid to fly. The genie responds that this can't be done because it would be technologically impossible considering the depth of the ocean and the distance to Hawaii. So he asks the guy to wish for something else.

The guy thinks about it and, very enthusiastically, wishes he would
understand women.

The genie than said, "Do you want your highway to have 2 or 4 lanes?"

3/22/2005 11:16:00 AM  

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